Please, Try to Be Reasonable

The world has undoubtedly become more polarized, especially over the last few years. Extremes abound, but what’s more, so do every opinion, […]

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An Argument against Believers Abstaining from Communion

Why do some abstain? In 1 Corinthians 11:28 Paul tells believers to examine themselves before eating the bread and drinking the cup. […]

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A Place to Eat, Sleep, and Watch

Emptiness in the Modern Household I wondered if the editors at The New York Times realized the irony in the title “The Pandemic Created […]

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Parents, Require Obedience of Your Children

I am writing this to plead with Christian parents to require obedience of their children. I am moved to write this by […]

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Hard to Offend, Easy to Please

How Love Hopes All Things Cynicism. It’s now in the air we breathe, the thoughts we indulge, the words we whisper, the comments […]

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მთელი წერილი ღვთივსულიერია და სასარგებლოა სასწავლებლად, სამხილებლად, გამოსასწორებლად, აღსაზრდელად სამართლიანობაში.

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